WIKSMART "dry all over" cooler with belly and chest panel.

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WIKSMART  first dry all over cooler                     Gets your horse dry in half the time.

Comes with attached belly and chest panel.    FREE SHIPPING IN DOMESTIC USA

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Reasons why it's the best cooler!

More Surface Area Coverage – Belly, Chest and Neck Panels cover areas where horses actually sweat, becoming wet. This eliminates the need for towelling the underside of the horse. Plus keeps your horse warmer.

Snug Fit – WikSmart Coolers fasten snugly, speeding up the moisture diffusion process from hair to fleece cooler. Adjustable Velcro to the horse’s neck, belly, and chest.

Heavy Fleece – 300 g fleece, many other commercial coolers are made of thin 100 - 200 g fleece.


The cooler is now contoured and has velcro front closures under the neck (not clips) like the one featured in the video above. 


XSmall 84″ poll to tail x 72″ wide (fits a pony that wears a 60-64” blanket with no neck covering)

Small 90″ poll to tail x 74″ wide (fits a horse that wears a 66-70″ blanket with no neck covering)

Medium 96″ poll to tail x 74″ wide (fits a horse that wears a 72-76″ blanket with no neck covering)

Large 102″ poll to tail x 80″ wide (fits a horse that wears a 78-86″ blanket with no neck covering)

Measure your horse from poll to tail. Order the size that is closest to the poll to tail measurement, e.g. horse is 90″ long from poll to tail, that would be a Small.


XSmall - Navy,  Forest Green,  Navy with Red trim

Small - Navy, Navy with Red trim

Medium - Navy with Red trim

Large - Burgundy,  Forest Green


Black has been discontinued 


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Meet the creator - Misty Caston

8.00 LBS