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THRUSH TIP -applicator for hoof cracks - finally get rid of the cracks in-between the bulbs, easy to use for egg bar shoes, seedy toe and puncture wounds.

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Product Description


The Thrush Tip applicator for hoof cracks is a thin narrow tip that's designed to easily and safely go deep into the bottom of cracks, holes or crevices. The 180⁰ flow pattern for liquids discourages clogging and backsplash. Flexible plastic prevents snap off and injury to horse and user. Comes with a refillable empty 6oz. bottle, giving freedom to the user to fill any liquid remedy. First designed for pockets of thrush that were concealed and where other applicators couldn't reach, the applicator shows many other uses. The tip accurately distributes liquid remedies. FDA approved plastics. 

Perfect for homeopathic remedies and safe for commercial products. 

Applications for:

  • Thrush Cracks                                   
  • Seedy Toe – White Line Disease
  • Quarter Cracks
  • Abscess
  • Wounds

The Thrush Tip is great for:      

            Egg Bars                         Slide Plates                            Holes

egg-bars.jpg sliding-plates.jpg holes.jpg

                          Quarter Cracks                            Seedy Toe                                                                           

                  quarter-cracks.jpg   seedy-right-tip.jpg  





Thrush Tip Applicator Demo






Hiding Places of Thrush by Norah Dombrowski 

In-between the bulbs, central sulcus or the heel of the hoof.

If you see a crack in this area, it was caused by thrush. The deeper the crack, the longer it will take to heal (sometimes months) generally a horses hoof takes a year to grow from top to bottom. Even with pads, horses can get this heel crack.

central-sulcus-crack.png crack-in-central-sulcus.pngcrack-with-pad.png

Caution - when treating the bulb/heel crack with typical applicators the remedy dries and closes up the top of the crack leaving a pocket of thrush underneath. If you can't seem to get rid of this crack or it keeps coming back, it's because you have not killed the thrush from the inside.


Deep in the corners of the collateral groove or clefs.

This is the area towards the back by the bulbs and is the deepest part of the clef/groove. Pick out this area well to prevent thrush.


Egg Bar, Slide Plates and specialty shoes cover the deepest area of the collateral grooves, making it difficult to pick out underneath them. No less, using typical applicators makes it impossible to treat this area accurately for thrush.

 egg-bars.png  slide-plate.png  horse-shoe-covers-groove.png


An uncommon sneaky place is under the frog creating a "lip" or "Frog Lips™".

 At the bottom of the clef where the frog meets into the hoof, thrush eats under the frog and creates a lip. It looks normal, but you will notice the tip of the hoof pick disappearing under the frog while cleaning. Treat continuously and precisely for thrush, until the lip is gone.


 frog-lip.png frog-lip-hoof-pick.png

Outlined (in yellow) is the rest of the tip from the hoof pick and the Thrush Tip applicator to show the dept of the thrushy collateral groove/clef going under the frog.


 To learn more about thrush click on Thrush In Horse's Hooves article.


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Product Reviews

  1. Best product so far 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    Finally a product that gets to the hard to reach areas. Living in Florida during the summer it's hard to keep my horse's hoofs dry. Been using this applicator for 6 months now. I can see a deffinate improvement in my horse's hoof condition. By far best applicator out there in a long time

  2. Finally 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2017

    My horse has been plagued with thrush for months. With all the wet weather it seemed impossible to get it cleaned up. I found the thrush tip and started using it and I am finally seeing progress.

  3. Finally, a product that actually works on hard to reach areas of the hoof! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jul 2017

    My groom saw the Thrush Tip at another barn and thought it would be PERFECT for my horses!This product gets the thrush medication into hard to reach spots that are difficult or impossible to reach with other applicators. I gave one to my blacksmith and my vets assistant. EVERYONE I have talked to LOVES the Thrush Tip for those Hard to reach areas. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

  4. Why I like the thrush tip. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Feb 2017

    My horse had thrush under her frog and the thin, long tip was easy to reach there. Also, its flexible to go in all the grooves.

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